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JPG Compression

When you compress a digital file, you remove bits of information in order to reduce its overall size. There are two types of compression: lossless, which reduces the file size without reducing quality, and lossy, which reduces the size and quality.

Because of the nature of JPG files, only lossy compression is possible with these kinds of images. However, you can control how much compression the image receives to find a comfortable balance between file size and image quality.

Benefits of Compress jpeg/jpg

What is JPG Format?

JPEG (JPG) is a common image format for containing compressed data. It was created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group, who wanted to achieve an optimal compression. They, of course, managed to achieve that. Today, JPG is one of the top three most popular image formats.

Features of JPG?

  1. It uses lossy JPG compression.
  2. It does not support transparency.
  3. It allows you to manipulate the image quality. When you perform a JPG compression, you essentially merge some pixels together and remove some fine details. Therefore, the size of the file decreases, but the noise is also added.
  4. This tool support jpeg, png, gif, webp.
  5. It has integrated EXIF support, which allows you to store metadata. For example, it may be the camera model and manufacturer that were used for shooting.

How to compress JPEG online?

  1. Select the JPG that you want to compress on the JPG Compressor.
  2. See the preview of all the selected JPG on the JPG Compressor.
  3. You can set the JPG size using the slider accordingly.
  4. Also, you can add or remove JPG from the list.
  5. Finally, download the compressed JPG from the JPG Compressor.

Why should I compress JPG files?

Optimized images will speed up your website's loading, and your visitors will appreciate it! Additionally, it can reduce your bandwidth costs. You can share, upload, or email your images more quickly if your images are optimized.